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North Texas

Fireworks bust in Fort Worth nets 700 pounds of illegal pyrotechnics

Fort Worth, Texas – On Wednesday, Fort Worth police seized 700 pounds of fireworks from a truck and flatbed trailer discovered parked on a side street, therefore confiscating a great range of pyrotechnics. Now under possession of the Arson/Bomb Squad Office of the Fort Worth Fire Department, the fireworks range from basic bottle rockets to highly intense flash bangs and bullet bombs.

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The operation started when police went to the truck and trailer owner. The owner first said the fireworks were meant for the Como block party, a popular neighborhood event. Further investigation turned out, nevertheless, that the fireworks were meant to be set off outside of Fort Worth municipal limits.

The owner’s story changed, but the police had to act since the holding of such a lot of fireworks within the city limits is prohibited. Officer Jimmy Pollozani stated in Fort Worth, it is unlawful to have or use firecrackers and pyrotechnics inside municipal borders. Although the owner of the fireworks received a verbal warning, no immediate fines were applied.

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The Fort Worth Fire Department (FWFD) attributes the lower number of fireworks seizures this year to the holiday falling on a weekday, which may have deterred some from purchasing or using them. The city has made a lot of effort educating its residents about the legal implications of using pyrotechnics, including possible fines of up to $2,000 for offenses.

Residents are urged not to use emergency services to report fireworks but to utilize alternative methods provided by the city.

“The city has established multiple ways that you can report fireworks,” Officer Jimmy Pollozani said to WFAA. “One is the Fort Worth App. By clicking on an App, you can submit a violation of the fireworks through the webpage, or you can also call the non-emergency line 817-392-4444 and that is only for fireworks.”

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The FWFD will hold the seized fireworks for at least 30 days, during which the owner can petition the court for their restitution; but officials remark that such requests are rare. Safety and legality still take front stage since the city strives to guarantee a safe surroundings for every citizen, especially during celebrations.

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