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Meet the team

Nadia Trevino – Publisher
Nadia Trevino brings a wealth of experience and a visionary leadership style to All News 102 as its Publisher. With over two decades in the media industry, Nadia has a proven track record of transforming news outlets into dynamic, digital-first platforms. Her passion for journalism and commitment to editorial excellence has positioned All News 102 as a leading news source in North Texas and beyond. Nadia believes in the power of the press to effect change and is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and reliability in news reporting.

Delilah English – Editor in Chief
As the Editor in Chief of All News 102, Delilah English oversees the editorial direction and ensures the quality of content across all sections. With her sharp editorial judgment and deep understanding of the news landscape, Delilah has been instrumental in shaping the outlet’s reputation for in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage. Her expertise in political and economic reporting, coupled with a keen eye for compelling stories, makes her a pivotal figure in the newsroom.

Jonah Boone – Editor
Jonah Boone, an editor at All News 102, brings a meticulous approach to news editing and a deep commitment to journalistic ethics. With a background in investigative journalism, Jonah excels at digging deeper into stories, ensuring that our reporting is thorough and fact-based. His dedication to truth and transparency is evident in the quality of articles that pass through his desk, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

Myah Gray – Local Reporter
Myah Gray is known for her tenacity and dedication as a local reporter at All News 102. Covering a wide range of topics from community events to local government, Myah’s reporting is both insightful and impactful. Her ability to connect with the community and tell their stories with empathy and accuracy has made her a beloved figure among our readers.

Kelsey Hayes – Local Reporter
Kelsey Hayes covers local news for All News 102 with a focus on education and public safety. Her investigative reporting has shed light on critical issues affecting North Texas communities. Kelsey’s commitment to uncovering the truth and her talent for storytelling are evident in her compelling reports, which not only inform but also drive public conversation.

Cruz Arroyo – News Desk
Cruz Arroyo is a key member of the All News 102 news desk, where he coordinates our daily news coverage. With a knack for spotting emerging stories and a quick decision-making ability, Cruz ensures that our outlet stays ahead of the curve. His role is crucial in maintaining the flow of news and keeping our readers informed with timely and relevant content.

Claire Khan – Local and State News
Claire Khan reports on local and state news for All News 102, offering in-depth analysis on politics, policy, and state government affairs. Her expertise in Texas politics and her ability to break down complex issues into understandable terms have made her a trusted source for readers seeking clarity on state matters.

Norma Byrne – Local and State News
Norma Byrne is a seasoned journalist at All News 102, covering local and state news with a special focus on budget and infrastructure projects. Her reports are well-researched and provide critical insights into how state policies impact local communities. Norma’s dedication to uncovering the facts and her engaging writing style make her stories a must-read for those interested in the intricacies of state governance.

Phoebe Cohen – Writer
Phoebe Cohen is a talented writer at All News 102, known for her feature stories and in-depth profiles. With a gift for narrative storytelling, Phoebe brings a unique perspective to our coverage, highlighting the human side of news. Her work not only informs but also connects with readers on a personal level, adding depth to our news offerings.

Walter Martinez – Washington DC Reporter
Walter Martinez is our Washington DC reporter, covering the federal government and national politics. With an extensive network in the capital and a sharp analytical mind, Walter provides our readers with exclusive insights into the workings of the White House and Congress. His reporting is essential for understanding the national implications of political decisions.

Warren Thompson – Washington DC Reporter
Warren Thompson reports from Washington DC, focusing on policy and economic issues. His ability to decipher complex policy documents and explain their implications makes his reporting invaluable to our readers. Warren’s thorough analysis helps demystify the often-complicated economic policies coming out of the capital.

Wendy Harris – Washington DC Contributor
Wendy Harris is a contributor based in Washington DC, specializing in election coverage and political analysis. With a keen understanding of the American political landscape, Wendy’s contributions offer a clear and concise overview of the key issues and players in upcoming elections, providing our readers with the information they need to stay informed.

Wyatt Johnson – Washington DC Contributor
Wyatt Johnson, a Washington DC contributor for All News 102, focuses on federal government accountability and transparency. His investigative work into government operations and his commitment to holding power to account are central to our mission of providing comprehensive and trustworthy news to our audience.