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Texas News

Snow-covered, slushy roads, black ice and a potential for poor visibility: Be careful on Sunday in NW Texas

Texas – The Texas Department of Transportation in Lubbock and Amarillo has started to get roads ready because they’re expecting ice and snow this weekend.

TxDOT announcement came because snow or rain are expected and it’s going to get really cold, with temperatures dropping to the low 20s and tens by late Sunday night into early Monday, the roads could become very dangerous. The National Weather Service and TxDOT are both explaining that the roads could end up being very slippery, covered in snow, or black ice, and it might be very foggy with extremely law visibilty.

By Saturday afternoon, the TxDOT office in Amarillo warned that some roads in the Texas Panhandle were already getting bad.

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They posted on social media that snow was beginning to pile up on some roads there. They mentioned that even though it’s not a lot of snow right now, people should still be careful and drive safely if they have to go out.

Everyone driving to Super Bowl parties on Sunday evening or going to work on Monday morning should be extra careful.

Both Lubbock and Amarillo are under a winter storm warning until midnight early Monday. They’re expecting a lot of snow and strong winds that might make getting around hard at times. The National Weather Service in Lubbock says there could be anywhere from 2 to 10 inches of snow by late Sunday night.

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The weather service is warning of heavy snow, predicting 2 to 8 inches in some places, with a chance of up to 10 inches. North winds might blow as fast as 35 mph, making it hard to see because of the snow flying around.

Between Thursday and Friday afternoon, as the winter storm moved south, the forecast for Lubbock changed from just a little bit of snow to around one inch, and places like Tulia and Dimmitt could see up to 8 inches. The southwestern part of the South Plains is expected to get less snow.

In the Panhandle, the weather service in Amarillo is predicting up to 4 inches of snow, with the heaviest snowfall expected near Boise City.

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