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North Texas

The popular Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is expanding its presence in North Texas with two new stores

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is looking forward to opening two new stores in North Texas. This is the company’s latest move into the American retail scene, clearly demonstrating its plans to continue growing in the US.

One shop will be located in The Parks at Arlington and another in the Galleria Dallas

Building records from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation show that Uniqlo wants to open stores in The Parks at Arlington and the Galleria Dallas. The first project was registered in January, and the second one has been registered this week.

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Uniqlo has not disclosed when these stores will open for business yet, but the information in the building records shows the extent of the company’s plans. The Arlington store will be in a 12,490-square-foot space. Renovations will start on June 1 and finish by December 30. It will cost around $1.9 million to complete the job. As part of the planned renovations, the current retail area will be completely redone, with new walls, finishes, fixtures, and bathrooms.

In the same way, the Galleria Dallas store is about to change a 19,895-square-foot part of the mall. The building process is set to begin on May 20 and conclude on October 18. It is expected to cost around $4.13 million. According to the documents,┬áthe work that needs to be done at the Galleria Dallas location will be similar to that planned at the Arlington location. The main goal will be to make the shopping area look more like Uniqlo’s sleek and modern style.

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Uniqlo has more than 2,400 stores around the world, including in its home country of Japan, but also in China. It is known for selling cheap, high-quality clothes and new fabric technologies. The brand made its U.S. debut in 2005 with a store in New Jersey. Since then, it has grown and now operates over 50 shops across the country. The new stores going to North Texas are part of a larger plan to grow Uniqlo’s presence in North America. In 2024 alone, the company plans to open more than 20 new stores.

Uniqlo’s arrival in North Texas will be great addition to current shopping options

It is expected that Uniqlo’s arrival in North Texas will be a significant event for local shopping, giving people access to its unique mix of style, quality, and value.

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