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The Trinity Lakes train station in Fort Worth will begin operations on Monday

Fort Worth, Texas – Starting Monday next week, the east side of Fort Worth will see the Trinity Lakes train station begin operating. It’s a new stop on the Trinity Railway Express, aiming to make the area a popular spot with easy access to public transport.

Trinity Metro, the group behind the TRE, shared with KERA news that this station is taking over for the Richland Hills station. This change happened because Richland Hills decided to stop its public transport services with the county’s transport group.

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“The location was selected based on close proximity to Richland Hills, and the site was located within the City of Fort Worth, which is a member of Trinity Metro,” Laura Hanna, director of communications at Trinity Metro, said in an emailed statement.

The total cost of the station is $26 million

Costing $26 million, the station sits east of Loop 820 and north of Trinity Boulevard, filling the gap between the existing Richland Hills and Bell stations.

This new station is opening at a time when more people are using the TRE to travel the one-hour route between Fort Worth and Dallas.

Hanna noted that the train service saw over 98,000 passengers in January alone, which is 26% more than the same month last year. Since 2021, more and more people have been riding the TRE each year.

The launch of Trinity Lakes station is just the start. Plans are in place for a mixed-use area that will feature shops and homes. The hope is that this development will bring more investments to the eastern side of Tarrant County.

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The new station also includes 500 parking spots and two ticket vending machines, one for each platform. Passengers can also purchase tickets onĀ DART’s GoPass app.

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