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Dallas Independent School District schools receive substantial donation from FHLB Dallas

Dallas, Texas – The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) has made a significant contribution to the future of education in the Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD), demonstrating a commitment to community support and educational development. Through a substantial donation of $220,000, FHLB Dallas is directly impacting the lives of students at two elementary schools, ensuring they have access to improved facilities and resources essential for their academic growth.

Enhancing School Environments

Annie Webb Blanton Elementary in the Pleasant Grove area and Umphrey Lee Elementary School in the South Oak Cliff area are the beneficiaries of this generous act, with each school receiving $110,000. These funds are earmarked for a variety of critical needs that contribute to the creation of a conducive learning environment. At Umphrey Lee Elementary School, the focus will be on enhancing the playground and school grounds, supporting teacher training and lunches, improving technology and classroom infrastructure, organizing field trips, and upgrading gym equipment among other initiatives.

Principal Yolanda Knight of Umphrey Lee expressed her gratitude, highlighting the importance of community support in achieving educational goals. She emphasized the value of creating an ideal learning atmosphere and having the necessary supplies, thanking FHLB Dallas for its vital contribution to their efforts.

Similarly, Annie Webb Blanton Elementary School plans to allocate the funds towards teacher support, technology advancements, providing uniforms, field trips, furniture, school supplies, books, and professional development. Principal Alicia Iwasko stressed the impact of these resources on students, many of whom face economic challenges, appreciating FHLB Dallas’s support in their mission to educate students for success.

FHLB Dallas’ support for underserved student populations aligns with its core philosophy of giving back to the community. Bre Chapman, executive vice president at FHLB Dallas, explained that expanding their support from the Irving Schools Foundation to Dallas schools is a natural progression of their partnership aimed at fostering academic success among students. These efforts are not limited to monetary donations but extend to active engagement in school activities, including Career Days, reading programs, and school supply drives.

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