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Dallas-Fort Worth traffic is bad and is getting worse, Tuesday afternoons are the worst for driving: Study

Dallas, Texas – Recently released data shows that traffic problems have gotten a lot worse since the middle of the pandemic, making drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area spend more time on the road. TomTom, a leader in mapping and location technology, has released a new report saying that local commuters are having to deal with longer drive times that are making their daily tasks much more difficult.

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TomTom study is based on six-mile trip in different periods of the day

A recent study by TomTom found that the time it takes to drive about six miles in the metroplex has been sped up by an extra ten seconds. Because of this rise, the usual time it takes to drive that far has gone from just over nine minutes in 2021 to almost twelve minutes by 2023. Because of this small increase in travel time, drivers in Dallas and Fort Worth spend an average of 89 hours a year on the road, and 23 of those hours are spent just stuck in traffic.

Time spent in traffic also costs drivers money

People who have to travel during these delays not only lose time, but also have to pay extra money. According to TomTom’s research, drivers can save a lot of money by working from home. In particular, people who work from home one day a week could save $52 a year on gas by not having to drive to work. That’s the same as driving 17 hours less each year. By letting people work from home three days a week, they could save an extra 51 hours of travel time and $157 a year.

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The study also shows that traffic is very different during morning and evening rush hours. Traffic after work adds four minutes to a six-mile trip on average, but traffic in the morning only adds three minutes. This means that drivers in Dallas and Fort Worth will have to deal with 23 more hours of rush hour traffic each year, which is 2 hours and 12 minutes more than in 2022.

Worst period for driving in Dallas-Fort Worth is Tuesday afternoons

Based on data from TomTom, the busiest time for traffic each week is Tuesday evenings from 5 to 6 p.m., when a six-mile trip can take up to 12 minutes and 10 seconds. Traffic delays are getting worse, which shows how hard it is for commuters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It also shows how flexible work plans might help make daily life less stressful when traffic is bad.

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