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Texas News

Texas leaders continue to reinforce the border, troops sent in critical spots

Texas – Texas leadership took action and sent 700 extra soldiers, including members from the National Guard and Texas Tactical Border Force (TTBF), to tighten security at the U.S.-Mexico border near El Paso. This increase in forces came within the last week following a scene caught on video by the New York Post on March 21st where migrants were seen breaking their way through a barrier and bypassing National Guard troops.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has consistently responded to illegal immigration issues by assigning thousands of National Guard members to guard the border as part of Operation Lone Star. This state-level initiative began back in 2021. Illegal immigration is stirring debates nationwide as Donald Trump, who looks likely to represent Republicans once more in presidential elections, highlights it as a key issue for his prospective return to office.

The Texas Military Department — joining hands with the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) responsible for overseeing Operation Lone Star — confirmed this move. They delivered an announcement about these reinforcements reaching their designated stations; this news was relayed via communication with Austin American-Statesman journalists.

“The Texas National Guard continues to surge additional personnel and equipment to protect El Paso. More than 700 additional Soldiers, including 200 Soldiers of the Texas Tactical Border Force (TTBF), have deployed to El Paso throughout the past week,” the post said.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, Abbott commented: “More than 700 National Guard troops surged to El Paso after migrants breached razor wire barrier. “That includes 200 Soldiers of the Texas Tactical Border Force deployed to El Paso this past week. Mission: Hold the line & deny illegal entry.”

A video that captured migrants pushing past border fortifications in El Paso on March 21 rapidly spread online, amassing millions of views on platform X. The incident was labeled as chaotic by New York Post journalist Jennie Taer. Recent statistics from U.S Customs and Border Protection reveal that in January alone there were 68,260 encounters with illegal migrants along the Texas-Mexico border which followed December’s figure where agencies encountered nearly twice that number at 149,806 individuals.

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