Fort Worth Municipal Court organizes community outreach event for outstanding warrant resolutions

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth Municipal Court is set to host a significant community outreach event, the “Court in the Community/Warrant Forgiveness,” this Saturday, May 18, at Wedgwood Baptist Church, located at 5522 Whitman Avenue. The 9 a.m.–noon program is intended to help locals with outstanding citations and offer a way to settle these matters without running the risk of being arrested.

The event is particularly targeted at individuals with outstanding citations from the Fort Worth Municipal Court. The Fort Worth Municipal Court provides them the opportunity to have their cases resolved by showing up to a community municipal court session. Community service and maybe reduced fines depending on the person’s ability to pay are among the resolution options.

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“I encourage anyone who has an outstanding citation with the Fort Worth Municipal Court to contact us immediately so we can provide options to move those cases to a final resolution,” said Court Director William Rumuly. “We are a Safe Harbor Court, meaning we do not arrest persons who come voluntarily to see us on their outstanding cases.”

First come, first served, the court anticipates serving up to 120 people. Only cases classified as Class C criminal, including traffic, ordinance, and penal code infractions, are eligible.

Apart from legal resolutions, the event will include a number of community partners providing other services. There will be a free job readiness training, job placement services, and employment opportunities available from Goodwill North Central Texas. Additionally, support for past-due payments will be provided by the City of Fort Worth EnVision Center and Community Action Partners for rent and utilities.

This event is an example of the Fort Worth Municipal Court taking a proactive stance to meet the needs of the community beyond merely legal concerns. Call 817-392-6700 to register for the event or for further information.

The importance of such initiatives is highlighted by community leaders and reflects Fort Worth’s commitment to its residents, offering them a chance to move forward without the burden of unresolved legal issues.

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