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Texas News

Texas Governor appoints experts to lead statewide food security initiative

Texas – Governor Greg Abbott has appointed four distinguished members to the Texas Food System Security and Resiliency Planning Council. This initiative marks an important step towards ensuring the sustainable management of food security across Texas. With Kevin Koch at the helm as the newly named chair, the council is poised to undertake the development of a comprehensive State Food System Security Plan.

A Multifaceted Approach to Food Security

The council’s mission is multifaceted, aiming to address the critical aspects of food availability and cost, especially during challenging times such as severe droughts and natural disasters. The team is tasked with creating a plan that not only secures food availability at reasonable costs but also includes legislative recommendations to enhance the resilience and availability of food across the state.

Diverse Expertise for Comprehensive Solutions

The newly appointed members bring a wealth of experience and diverse expertise to the table:

  • Kevin Koch of Temple steps into the role of chair with a rich background in food distribution. As the sole trustee for the Callaway Foundation and recently retired CFO of McLane Company, Inc., Koch’s financial acumen and deep understanding of food distribution channels will guide the council’s strategic direction. Koch’s extensive involvement in various financial and food-related boards underscores his commitment to the cause.
  • David Volleman, a partner at Volleman’s Dairy in Gustine, brings invaluable insights from the dairy industry. His involvement in various dairy associations and commitment to agricultural education through Texas A&M University affiliations enrich the council’s agricultural perspective.
  • John Votava of Keller, representing the retail sector as the director of corporate affairs for the Kroger Company, offers a crucial viewpoint on retail challenges and opportunities in ensuring food security. His experience with food banks and community service initiatives adds a vital community-focused dimension to the council.
  • Coleman Locke of Wharton, with a strong background in cattle ranching and management, adds depth to the council’s understanding of livestock and meat production. His leadership roles in various cattle associations and his experience with the Texas Animal Health Commission highlight his expertise in animal health and beef production.

Towards a Future of Food Resilience

As Texas faces the dual challenges of rapid population growth and the increasing frequency of natural disasters, the formation of the Texas Food System Security and Resiliency Planning Council underlines the state’s proactive stance on food security. The council’s work will be instrumental in shaping a future where all Texans have access to affordable, nutritious food, regardless of the challenges ahead.

With preparations underway, the council members are set to embark on this critical mission, ensuring that the Lone Star State remains prepared and resilient in the face of any food system challenges that may arise.

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