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Mesquite City Council approves driveway service for trash collection starting in March 2024

Mesquite, Texas – The Mesquite City Council recently announced a change in the city’s trash collection strategy, transitioning to a “driveway service” model starting March 4, 2024. This new approach is expected to impact approximately 7,700 households within the city, offering a streamlined solution to waste management.

Enhanced Efficiency in Waste Management

Under the new system, residents are instructed to place their trash at the end of their driveways, regardless of whether their driveway is located at the front or back of the property. This initiative, according to Tony Carson, the Director of Solid Waste, aims to reduce costs for taxpayers and elevate the quality of services provided.

The city assures that the change will not affect the current trash collection schedule. Additionally, the Solid Waste Department commits to continuing its support for elderly and disabled residents requiring assistance with their trash disposal. For detailed information on the areas affected by this change, residents are encouraged to visit the city’s website.

The decision to adopt driveway service came after identifying challenges associated with navigating trash collection vehicles through the city’s older, narrower alleys. The decision to transition to driveway service in specific neighborhoods arises from challenges encountered with trash collection vehicles navigating through older, narrow alleys. By adopting front driveway pickup, the city anticipates alleviating safety concerns, minimizing damage to alley surfaces, and preventing potential harm to fences and utility structures.

Despite these adjustments, Mesquite’s requirements for solid waste remain unchanged. Residents must ensure trash is properly bagged and placed within approved containers, adhere to designated times for setting out trash, and comply with regulations regarding bulky item disposal.

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