NCTCOG receives $270,000 grant to improve transportation in Fort Worth’s 76104 ZIP code

Tarrant County – The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) got a grant for about $270,000 to look for new and cheap ways to get around that help people get to things they need and cut down on harmful air pollution. This is happening in a part of Fort Worth, marked by a lot of poverty.

NCTCOG wants to tackle transportation issues in the 76104 ZIP code area. This area includes the Fort Worth Medical District but is also noted for having the lowest average lifespan in Texas, as found by UT-Southwestern Medical Center research.

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The money for this project comes from the 2021 Areas of Persistent Poverty Program by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). It will pay for a study to figure out what kind of transportation is needed. This could lead to better ways for people to reach healthy food, medical care, cheap housing, and jobs. The study also aims to find ways to make the air cleaner by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Better transportation could really help people in this area, especially since 14% of them don’t have a car, which is a lot higher than the county’s average. Shannon Stevenson from NCTCOG mentioned they’re eager to work with various partners to make life better for people living in this ZIP code.

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NCTCOG plans to work together with locals, nonprofit groups, and community leaders to agree on a plan to make it easier for people to get what they need. They’ll look at current bus and on-demand transit services to see if changes or improvements are needed. They’ll also consider how the cost of transit affects people’s ability to use it.

Christina Brooks from the City of Fort Worth emphasized the goal of finding fair solutions to transportation problems, ensuring everyone has access to good and affordable travel options for a better life, regardless of where they live.

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The study, starting in fiscal year 2023, will involve a lot of community input to shape the final plan. This effort is part of a broader FTA initiative, which awarded $16.2 million in total to 40 projects nationwide to tackle poverty issues.

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