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Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces the launch of airboats at the border

Texas – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that airboats will be sent to the Texas-Mexico border in efforts to secure the border even further. This marks another chapter in the state’s robust border security strategy. This program, which is part of Operation Lone Star, shows that Texas is determined to use all of its resources to keep its borders safe and secure.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that airboats will be sent to the Texas-Mexico border in efforts to secure the border even further

The governor revealed on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that National Guard soldiers are currently getting special training on how to operate these airboats. These boats with flat bottoms are known for being able to easily navigate shallow and marshy water. They are propelled by big propellers that look like airplane wings and are powered by airplane or car engines. This makes them perfect for the unique terrain along the border between Texas and Mexico.

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“Texas National Guard soldiers undergo training to effectively operate and maintain airboats supporting Operation Lone Star along the Texas-Mexico border,” Governor Abbott stated. “Texas continues to use every tool and strategy to secure the border.”

This development shows that the state is continuously taking a strategic approach to border security, looking for new ways to stop people from crossing the border illegally and stopping crime along the border.

Governor Abbott’s strategies have often led to clashes with the Biden administration, especially when it comes to immigration enforcement policies. The governor’s harsh actions, like putting up a floating barrier in the Rio Grande and razor wire along the border, are at the heart of these disagreements.

In a bold move earlier this year, Texas took over Eagle Pass’s Shelby Park, putting up miles of razor wire, limiting access to U.S. Border Patrol agents. Federal officials say that actions like these make it harder for them to patrol the border and help migrants who are in trouble.

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Even though he is facing legal problems, such as the Supreme Court’s decision to briefly block a Texas law that would let people detained if they are suspected of illegal entry, Governor Abbott remains determined to secure the border with innovative, yet sometimes controversial measures citing Texas’ “constitutional right to self-defense” and promising to continue reinforcing border security measures, which could mean adding more razor wire.

This latest deployment of airboats shows that Texas continues to be committed to protect its border in new and smart ways.

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