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Dallas commits to electric vehicle future with Ford Pro collaboration

Dallas, Texas – The City of Dallas, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, has chosen Ford Pro, a commercial division of Ford, to advance its climate objectives. This collaboration focuses on enhancing air quality by converting the city’s vehicle fleet to electric by the year 2040.

Under a 10-year contract, Ford Pro will work with Dallas to expand and oversee the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure needed for city fleet operations. The City of Dallas plans to set up Ford Pro charging stations at municipal work sites and will utilize Ford’s advanced software to tailor and monitor the charging processes. This combination of Ford’s software and charging equipment will allow Dallas to effectively manage its fleet, ensuring vehicles are charged and ready for deployment.

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In 2020, Dallas passed the Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP), aimed at cutting down carbon emissions. This plan involves the installation of EV charging stations across the city and the introduction of light duty electric vehicles into its large fleet of 5,400 vehicles.

“The City of Dallas is committed to a clean, safe, and healthy environment, and we’re making great strides in our efforts to reduce emissions and improve air quality,” said Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson. “This agreement with Ford Pro marks a significant milestone and will help our city avoid energy waste and save money on energy costs. We look forward to building upon our work with Ford Pro to further scale EV charging infrastructure and electrify our fleet operations to continue to serve our great city now and in the future.”

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“EV adoption is on the rise with state and local government fleets, and we’re proud to provide smart charging software and hardware to help electrify one of the Lone Star State’s biggest cities in one of America’s biggest metro areas,” said Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannis. “The impact software can have on EV charging can be substantial, helping public agencies like the City of Dallas not only manage charging infrastructure today, but help determine where chargers may be needed in the future.”

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