Plano ISD is looking to hire teachers and support staff, starting salary $60,000

Plano, Texas – Plano Independent School District (Plano ISD) is opening its doors to potential educators and support staff at a job fair scheduled for February 24. The event, aimed at filling various positions within the district, will offer attendees a chance to explore employment opportunities and learn about the comprehensive benefits that come with working for Plano ISD.

Set to take place at Jasper High School, located at 6800 Archgate Drive, from 9 to 11:30 a.m., the job fair is not just an opportunity for job seekers but a testament to Plano ISD’s commitment to attracting top talent. The district is known for its dedication to both educational excellence and employee welfare, offering attractive salaries and benefits to its staff.

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Starting salary is $60,000, benefits and incentives for employees apply

For educators holding a bachelor’s degree, the starting salary is a competitive $60,000, which increases to $62,000 for those with a master’s degree. But the district’s commitment to its employees doesn’t stop at salaries. It extends to a range of benefits designed to support the professional and personal well-being of its staff. This includes employee childcare services, a two-year campus mentor program for new teachers, an employee wellness program, access to the CORE Store for classroom supplies, and a generous district contribution of $330 per month towards employee health insurance.

Plano ISD is also hiring support staff

In addition to teaching positions, Plano ISD is looking to hire support staff across a variety of roles, including classroom assistants, office managers, employee child care workers, campus technology assistants, and interpreters. Support staff positions start at a wage of $15 per hour, with additional stipends available for special education professionals and bilingual applicants, underscoring the district’s inclusive approach to education and employment.

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Interested candidates are encouraged to register online and attend the job fair to learn more about the opportunities available. Plano ISD’s initiative reflects its ongoing effort to enhance the educational environment for students by investing in the professionals who make it all possible.

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