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North Texas

Dallas PD is looking forward to hiring 250 officers this year as 12 joined the department this week

On Friday, the Dallas Police Department welcomed twelve new officers into their ranks. Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia spoke at the ceremony, encouraging the new officers by highlighting the positive impact they could have on individuals’ lives.

Dallas PD aims to recruiting 250 officers this year

Garcia mentioned that the department aims to recruit 250 officers in 2024, acknowledging the challenge ahead as cities offer attractive benefits to attract police officers.

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“We have to show these young recruits, these young men and women how we are different and how we offer something that others don’t,” Garcia said.

Among the new graduates is the first officer from the department’s new program designed to attract experienced officers from other cities, offering them higher salaries. Officers with a college degree and five years of experience start with a salary of $85,000.

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The University of North Texas plans a new Dallas Police Training Academy on its campus

But salary isn’t the only incentive. The University of North Texas recently announced plans for a new Dallas Police Training Academy on its campus, backed by a $10 million grant to kick off fundraising. The project, costing $140 million in total, promises superior facilities compared to the existing training center, some of which was funded by the officers.

“We are going to continue to grind away,” said Garcia.

This class also saw an increase in bilingual officers. Garcia believes the community supports the Dallas PD and sees this as an opportune moment to draw in new talent and experienced officers.

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Garcia reassured that policing in Dallas is a commendable profession, focusing on removing criminal elements from the streets.

Other incentives offered to DPD employees

The department also offers additional benefits to officers in the lateral transfer program, including help with moving, paid leave for new parents, and 15 annual vacation days that carry over if not used.

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