Dallas-Fort Worth leads nation in population growth adding 418 residents daily

Dallas, Texas – The population growth rate in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is the highest in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released data showing that DFW gained an amazing 152,598 new residents last year, or about 418 new residents every day. Because of this massive growth, the metro area’s total population has surpassed 8 million, a significant achievement that shows the area’s economic and social growth.

Adding 139,789 people last year, the Houston-Pasadena-Woodlands metropolitan area moved up to second place, just behind DFW. Its overall population now stands at 7.5 million. Also worth mentioning is that the Austin metro area made the list; it came in seventh with a rise of 50,105 people.

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The report from the Census Bureau shows that the population of the United States is growing overall. The numbers are going up in about 60% of U.S. counties. Especially the southern states have become places where people are moving in large numbers. An impressive 67% of counties in the southern region saw growth, which is a big jump from the 59% that did so the previous year.

The fastest-growing areas in the country are mostly in Texas counties. With growth rates of 7.6% and 6.5%, Kaufman and Rockwall counties were in the lead. In addition, eight of the ten counties with the biggest population gains were in the state.

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With 1.19 million people living there, Collin County had the second-highest rise in the country, with 36,364 new residents. Harris County, which is known for its rapid growth, gained 53,788 people, making it the county with the biggest gain nationwide. Harris County is the third most populous county in the United States, with 4.83 million people living there.

Texas counties were also prominent for their domestic migration figures. Collin and Denton counties ranked high for attracting new residents from other parts of the country. However, Dallas County presented a contrasting narrative with a notable outflow of 34,330 people, marking a significant rise from the 18,985 departures recorded in the previous year.

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The latest Census data shows that the United States’ population is changing quickly. It also makes Texas, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, a key part of the country’s demographic picture. The numbers show that the metro area is appealing to both people and companies because of its strong economy, wide range of job opportunities, and high quality of life.

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