Dallas secures $1.25 billion for infrastructure overhaul; Voters approve all ten bond propositions

Dallas, Texas – All ten propositions of Dallas’ proposed $1.25 billion bond were successfully passed by voters in the May 4, 2024 election, with results set to be certified by the City Council on May 15, 2024.

Proposition A allocates $521.2 million for streets and transportation, while Proposition B directs $345.27 million toward parks and recreational facilities. Proposition C sets aside $52.1 million for flood control and storm drainage, and Proposition D provides $43.53 million for libraries. Cultural and performing arts facilities will receive $75.2 million under Proposition E, and public safety facilities, including police and fire stations, will benefit from the $90 million allocated by Proposition F. Proposition G channels $72.3 million for economic development, and Proposition H dedicates $26.4 million for affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization. Proposition I commits $19 million to permanent, supportive, and short-term housing for the homeless, and Proposition J reserves $5 million to bolster the city’s information technology infrastructure.

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“The people of Dallas have spoken, and they have said yes to investing into what I call the three Ps: public safety, parks, and filling potholes. Investing in Dallas’ public services and infrastructure means investing in the lives of our residents who use our streets, parks, and other services every day. These investments are critical for Dallas to continue its positive momentum as a world-class city and a premier destination for families, businesses, and visitors,” Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson stated.

All ten propositions of Dallas' proposed $1.25 billion bond were successfully passed by voters in the May 4, 2024 election

“Passage of this bond ensures our City has the resources to maintain and enhance the services and infrastructure that our residents, businesses and visitors rely on. With ongoing input from our residents and business stakeholders, our investment decisions will reflect our City’s most urgent needs and highest priorities,” Dallas Interim City Manager Kim Bizor Tolbert added.

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Passing these propositions doesn’t ensure the City of Dallas will finish any particular project. The City Council has the authority to add or remove projects, change their scope, introduce new ones, or alter the funding allocated within a given proposition. The City intends to issue bonds from the 2024 Bond Program during the 2024-2025 fiscal year. Construction is expected to start shortly after the first round of general obligation bonds is issued. However, projects will be prioritized based on urgency and available resources, meaning some may not begin for several years.

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